The Bunk House

The Bunk House, 1892

The Bunk House, 1892

Built to move the cowboys out of the Ranch House, the Bunkhouse was the first "home office" as it housed both the cowboys on the west side (left side in the photo above) and the blacksmith shop on the east side (right side in the photo above).  In the morning, Cowboys could roll out of their bunk and into the blacksmith shop to start their day.

The Gammon Family in front of the Bunk House, 1909

The Bunk House today

The Bunk House today

The Bunkhouse has five bedrooms(with private baths), a living room or common area and a fully functional kitchen. Rooms are typically booked individually, although the building can be booked as a whole for family functions, etc.


The common room for guest activities

The Colonel Carrington Room

The Colonel Carrington Room:  two queen beds.  Colonel Carrington was commanding officer of Ft. Phil Kearney.

The Butch Cassidy Room

The Butch Cassidy room:  one double bed.  Butch Cassidy trailed stolen horses across the TA Ranch property.

The John Tisdale Room

The John Tisdale room with handicapped accessible bathroom:  one queen and one twin bed.  Assassinated during the Johnson County War, John Tisdale was a popular homesteading rancher whose murder is still a mystery today.

The Nate Champion Room

The Nate Champion room: one queen bed.  Nate Champion was a local cowboy labeled "rustler" assassinated during the Johnson County War.

The Red Angus Room

The Red Angus room:  one queen bed and one twin bed.  Red Angus was the local sheriff (and brothel owner) who contested the cattle barons invasion during the Johnson County War.