The Granary

Built in 1911, the Granary stored oats for Draft Horses and Livestock. Converted in 1997, the Granary now serves as a conference Center with beautiful living spaces attached separately. The Granary, once a functional feed house, now offers all the modern elegance of a luxury ranch getaway. 


The Granary is the Perfect setting for any Summer or Winter getaway destination. The ranch offers options to rent singular rooms or the entire building for any occasion. The Granary has a fully operating kitchen, private and public bathrooms with a wet bar. No matter your needs the, the Granary has multi-functional uses.


The great room of the Granary.  This room has west facing floor to ceiling windows looking out on the face of the Bighorns.

Granary in 1911

Granary in 1911

Right: Mares and foals expectantly await for oncoming oats  pouring from the downspouts. 


The Granary is western luxury in a "Big Red Barn"

The Granary conference room


Granary Rooms

The Mari Sandoz family suite.  The first bedroom has one queen bed, the second bedroom has two twin beds.  Each bedroom has its own sink while sharing a shower and toilet.

The Helena Huttington Smith room, one queen bed.