Historic Touring

The TA Guest Ranch literally sits at the crossroads of history in the American West.  From teepee rings on site you can see the Bozeman trail.  Stay at the TA knowing that it is centrally located for self-guided touring, or let TA staff guide you through these significant sites in American History.

The Johnson County War ended at the TA in 1892.  We will give you a walking tour around the grounds and buildings still here from that time.  Our photo gallery of the participants who formed a vigilante posse to rid Johnson County of rustler is in the Conference Center.  We also have photos of those on the other side defending their town and homesteads as well as the army called in from Fort McKinney to put a stop to this conflict.  Tours of the Ranch are included in the room price, tours are offered at 11 am and 5:30 pm everyday for those not staying on the property.  Click here for more information.



Historical Sites


      The Little Big Horn Battlefield is located on the Crow Reservation about 1 ½ hours from the Ranch.  The authenticity of the site lets your mind imagine the chaos and disaster that overtook Custer and his troops that day.  Learn both sides of the story by first watching the video detailing the event at the Visitor's center and then visiting the Indian memorial at the site.  You can drive from the south end of the site where Reno took refuge on top of a small knoll to the north end also known as “Last Stand Hill” where Custer eventually took a position.  Plan a whole day to take in this story of one of the best known battles in the Indian Wars.  Click here for more information about the Little Big Horn Battlefield.


      The Bozeman Trail traversed Wyoming to reach the Montana gold fields.  Fort Phil Kearney, only 30 miles north of the ranch, is one of three forts built to protect the people trying to reach Montana.  Colonel Carrington built it in 1887.  Red Cloud, an Oglala Sioux, defended his territory ceded to his tribe by treaty.  Fetterman disregarded the Indians’ fighting ability taking 80 men down with him.  Repeating rifles proved too much for Red Cloud at the Wagon Box Fight.  Every site can be seen almost as it was in 1887 and 1888.  This half-day tour is fascinating.  Click here to learn more about travelling the Bozeman trail.


      The “Hole-in-the-Wall” is a remote valley only an hour’s drive from the ranch.  It provided Butch Cassidy and his fellow outlaws with a relatively safe haven from the law.  The spectacular scenery has not changed from those days over 100 years ago.  The outlaw cave still exists where they could hide from prying eyes. If you are up to 600-foot hike, you can personally get into the cave.  Be sure you can handle the hike back up!    This trip makes a terrific half-day trip.  To learn more about the Hole in The Wall, click here.


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Through the Bradford Brinton Museum in Big Horn you can gain some insight into the English influence in settling this area.  The gentleman’s life in the American West was a bit different from the other settlers.  There was some big money to be made with horses and cattle and there was still time for polo. Only 40 miles from the TA, the drive alone is worth the visit.

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