Horseback Riding

How we look at riding horses

  • There is nothing more magical than the relationship between a horse and his rider.
  • Horses are flight animals whose safety depends on how fast they can run from threats, real or perceived.
  • We prefer not to ride run-aways.
  • Hence, we ask the horse not to run away from perceived threats. 
  • You'll never know what your horse perceives as a threat.  Your bright yellow sweater, flapping plastic bags;  you just aren't your horse.
  • Removing his primary defense, you ask  your horse to trust you as the leader who will protect him from danger.
  • This is the magic that is the horse-human bond. 

Horseback Riding Terms and Conditions

Horseback Riding Policies

Checking cattle is always an option for those able to ride.

Children eight and under will be led on a pony ride in the grove and will not be allowed to ride by themselves on the open prairie.

Children 12 and under will be required to wear a riding helmet

Children between 12 and 18 will be required to wear a riding helmet unless their parent or legal guardian is willing to sign a release allowing the child to ride without a riding helmet.

Adults (19 and older) will be required to wear a riding helmet unless they sign a release.  

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