Please Sir, may I have more?

'Tis the season to review horse condition after our long hard winter.  This is Bruni (or Rico Suave as our friend Elizabeth would call him), an Icelandic pony with personality that meets you at the door.

As a pony, we have to be careful with green grass and Bruni's feet (and weight);  he has a tendency to gain weight and founder.  With springs rains and snow Bruni is on a strict diet of dry hay while his herdmates are free to romp in the rapidly growing green grass. That'll put anyone in a bad mood.

Here Bruni "paws" at the corral fencing demanding to receive his own "goodies."  It sounds remarkably like a tin cup being run along jail house bars.....

Bruni receives small amounts of supplements with balanced carbohydrates/fat/protein and minerals for optimal condition.  Judging from this photo, I don't think Bruni like his "small amounts."

Interpreted:  "please sir, may I have more?"




I don't think he likes our answer.