The Ranch House

Our award winning restoration/reuse of the Ranch House is nationally recognized by its placement on the National Registry of Historic Places.  It was also featured on Bob Vila's "Restore America."

Ranch House Porch.jpg

The Ranch House Porch, popular for relaxing, reading and enjoying the view.

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Relaxing on the TA Ranch House porch circa 1904

Relaxing on the TA Ranch House porch circa 1904

The first building on the TA Ranch, the Ranch House was built in 1882 and was used as "a place of gay entertainment, of hunt dinners and balls...." (Mari Sandoz, The Cattlemen, University of Nebraska Press, 1958.)   


Ranch House Rooms

Each room in the Ranch House had its own pot bellied stove to provide heat. In historic photos, you can identify the TA Ranch House by its chimneys.

During the Johnson County war, the Ranch House became the head quarters of the Cattle Barons and the floor to ceiling ranch windows, a hallmark of luxury, became a liability as Billy Irvine was shot in the foot through the window in the Della Gammon room (also seen below).


The Common Room of the Ranch House, used by guests today for relaxing, surfing the internet and socializing.


The Charlie Ford room, named for the first Ranch Manager of the TA Ranch.  Originally the "bunk" room for the territorial cowboys, we've dressed it up a little today.


The William Harris Room, named for the Union Pacific Railroad physician who founded the TA Ranch in 1882.  Why the name "TA?"  Click here to find out.

The Della Gammon Room, named for Della Gammon, matriarch of the Gammon legacy 1904-1979.

Elegant for its time, the Ranch House rooms have 10 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows.


There are three bedrooms in the ranch house.  The largest, the Charlie Ford Room, served as the "bunk" for the territorial cowboys working the ranch.  


The William Harris Room circa 1909

The William Harris Room circa 1909

At the other end of the building, (separated by the Common Room) the Ranch Manager had an adjoining two bedroom suite, now called the William Harris and Della Gammon rooms.  These rooms can be used independently or as an adjoining suite for families.